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sugar hill feat. om'mas from album ''unfold''
get down feat. ta'raach from album ''unfold''
all about you from album ''translations''
black star from album ''translations''

News of 2012-02-29
THAIMA - Spur of the Moment #1 : Out Now
"THAIMA - Spur Of The Moment #1" is out now in.........France, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finnland, Germany,
Greece, Hungary, Italia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Svergie, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela..........check your local iTunes stores!! For US, UK, Japan & rest of world, stay tuned for your release dates!

Stay tuned for availability in the rest of the world, more info to follow asap!!!!!

Enjoy, stay fresh


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News of 2011-10-28
Even More "THAIMA"
More from "THAIMA" - yet another track ("Good Morning Bangkok")now on Soundcloud!

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News of 2011-10-20
THAIMA - Spur of the Moment #1, 2nd Preview Track!!
Check out more upcoming stuff:

"TUK TUK" on Soundcloud -

Leave a comment!

Best, your Samon Team

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News of 2011-10-13
THAIMA - Spur of the Moment #1
Check out the title track from the forthcoming "THAIMA" release:

We hope you like it!!

All best, Nesola Team

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News of 2011-10-11
THAIMA - Spur of the Momen #1 : COMING SOON!
Stay tuned, and in the meantime, check this out:

All best from,

The Samon Team

News of 2007-09-11
In remembrance to Selma
Dear Joy-Friends

September 08th 07 at the jewish cultureday

Joy Denalane, Thomas D, Stefanie Klo? (Silbermond), Volkan Baydar (Orange Blue), Lea Finn and Hannelore Elsner

preforming vocalpoems for Selma.

Information or tickets under:


Your Nesola-Team

News of 2010-02-10
Eins Live Plan B mit Samon & Max Herre
Ab Morgen dem 11.Feb.2010 gibt es das Erste mal im neuen Jahr wieder, auf Eins Live,
Plan B mit gewohnter Besetzung.
Bei den Samon & Max kann man sich nie sicher sein was man zu hören bekommt. Beide teilen einen breitgefächerten Musikgeschmack, was immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut ist.

Schon jetzt wünschen wir Euch viel Spaß beim reinhören.

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News of 2009-04-23
I'm happy to announce that "UNFOLD" is going to be released in France on 27.4.09. I know there are lots of musicloving hiphopheads out there. So go and get it if you like the stuff you already heard from me.

News of 2007-09-04
New Album Release
Dear Laura-Friends!

New Album !!!
Laura L?pez Castro y Don Philippe inventan el ser feliz is the title of Laura L?pez Castros new release.

Album in stores on September 07th 07.
For those who no longer want to wait, can order the Album in advance under Amazon.

Book in advance under:

Don't miss it!

Your Nesola-Team

News of 2009-02-09
So, today the last part of the outtakes are uploaded. I hope you enjoyed parts of it and I'm looking forward for further projects and collaborations. Comments are welcome at anytime. Spread the word and support good music and real people. one

News of 2007-08-31
IFA Sommergarten Berlin
Dear musicfriends,

see Freundeskreis on September 1st at the IFA Sommergarten in berlin with Joy Denalane and Afrob as special guests live on stage.

Don't miss the show!


Your Nesola-Team

News of 2009-01-27
So, here comes the third part of the outtakes series. The OUTTAKES TOKIO VOL.2.
Check it, stream it, download it, leave some comments if you like it, and spread it.

News of 2007-09-11
IFA Sommergarten Berlin
Dear musicfriends,

Freundeskreis on September 1st at the IFA Sommergarten in berlin with Joy Denalane and Afrob as special guests live on stage.

Don't miss the show!


Your Nesola-Team

News of 2009-01-14
Happy new year! It's been awhile but I'm back on the blog ( in japan, we call these kind of boring jokes "oyaji-gag", means man of middle age making dull jokes...).
And I'm back with the promised second part of the Unfold rough instrumental outtakes.
It's a little confusing with the titles of those parts, but in the end it should be:
Tokyo Vol.1 and 2 and Berlin Vol.1 and 2...all in all 4parts.
It's free for download, so enjoy and spread the word!

News of 2007-08-28
for free to the WDR Bootleg Show
On September 5th the WDR Bootleg Show with Rafael Weber and Laura L?pez Castro is taking place!

You have the chance of winning 2 tickets for the concert:

write an email to and tell us the very GOOD reason,
why YOU- of all people- should get the tickets!

there's a total of 10x2 tickets to win!

Good luck
Your Nesola-Team

News of 2008-12-13
I'm a little late to write about this, but the first volume of my outtakes 1-4 is uploaded on Soundcloud. Stream it, download it, mix it, spread it. The other volumes will be uploaded too in some weeks. It's free and legal. Enjoy it. one

News of 2007-07-25
The New Online Single
Dear Laura L?pez Castro Friends...

... waiting has an end!
Laura L?pez Castro y Don Philippe inventan el ser feliz (?Laura L?pez Castro and Don Philippe invent happiness?): the album?s title both misleads and explains everything.

"Acabou Chorare" the marvelous first Single taken from their second Album.

Digital Single Release "Acabou Chorare" August 24th 07 to for Download avalable at iTunes and musicload.



Album Release September 07th 07.
For those who no longer want to wait, can order the Album in advance under Amazon.

Book in advance under:


Your Nesola-Team

News of 2008-12-09
Go check out one of the finest beatmakers of France! ONRA is Vietnamese in Paris. His 2007 album "Chinoiseries" is a masterpiece with everything I love. He just released a new album called "1.0.8";. Go get both albums. Support the artist. You won't regret it.

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News of 2008-12-03
I just finished mixing some of the rough-sketches I didn't use for my last album.
It's 42 instrumental tracks and it's gonna be free for download. I will keep you updated where it's gonna be. peace.

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News of 2008-12-03
Check out "Right here" feat. OH NO remixed by DJ MITSU THE BEATS!
Get it here:
spread the word!

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News of 2008-11-19
After Verve Club
I tell you, I wouldn't have gone anywhere, if I didn't have was one of these absolutely horrible cold and rainy days in Berlin. So I wasn't really mad at the people that didn't show up. But at some point there were quite few people in the bar enjoying their drinks. Götz Bühler (musicjournalist, recordcollector, DJ) and me have been talking about all the albums I had on itunes with me...anyway, it was a very relaxed evening and these are some of the things I played. From Kimiko Kasai to Flying Lotus...

News of 2007-07-25
Record Release Party
buy your ticket ;-)


News of 2008-11-14
Just when you thought you lost it...
I just found this CD again! I think I lost it before my itunes era, that must be about six years ago...but I really missed this one. It's a live recording at Chicago'sCook County Jail on Friday the 13th, 1972. Jimmy McGriff, George Freeman, Odonel Levy, Lucky Thompson, Cedar Walton were the performers on that day. Especially Cedar Walton and Lucky Thompsons interpretation of Green Doplhin Street...A.T.C.Q. sampled that for "we got the jazz, we got the jazz, we got the jazz......";. Soul Jazz at it's finest!
You can get it here, if you are interested.

News of 2007-08-07

To all Freundeskreis-Supporter!

We thank for YOUR numerous support at the Hip Hop Open Festival.

Without YOUR 10-year-old Support THIS would not have been possible to us for all.



News of 2008-11-11
GAGLE Lovenote RMX
I just finished the remix for GAGLE from Jazzysport. The track is called Lovenote , and I hope Jazzysport likes it. For the people that don't know about this band, GAGLE is DJ Mitsu the Beats band, together with his brother Hunger and DJ Mu-R. Go and see how they sound.

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News of 2008-11-10
Kev Brown, LMNO, Oddisee in Berlin
As expected, it was a pleasure to see those excellent beatmakers/rappers doing their thing. Next day we had some dinner together at "Sasaya" Berlin...basically just know. I think there is great chance for some future collaboration. Go and see them performing, they will be around in Europe for the next 3 weeks.Word!

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News of 2008-11-04
Kev Brown in Europe
yeah, my man Kev Brown is on tour in europe. He's gonna bring Oddisee and LMNO too. Please check these guys out, it's great stuff!

News of

News of 2008-11-03
in the studio...
...@ work in the studio.
Watch on Youtube:

Beat as MP3:


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News of 2008-10-28
DJ Krush in Europe
The master of instrumental Trip Hop/Hip Hop is on tour in europe. I've seen him a couple of times, and it was always good. Go and see a true master.
Oct29.Wed : Hafenklang / Hamburg (Germany)
Oct30.Thu : Distillery / Leipzig (Germany)
Oct31.Fri : Maria / Berlin (Germany)
Nov01.Sat : Enjoy Jazz Festival @Karlstorbahnhof / Heidelberg (Geramany)
Nov04.Tue : VIP les Escales / St.Nazaire (France)
Nov06.Thu : Cabaret Aleatoire / Malseille (France)
Nov07.Fri : Thessaloniki (Greece)
Nov08.Sat : Party Center 4KM / Sofia (Bulgaria)
Nov09.Sun : Parlament Club / Gdansk (Poland)

News of 2007-08-01

News of 2008-10-26
Flying Lotus in Berlin
Do you know Flying Lotus? If not...go check him out. He is one of the most interesting beatmakers out there. Electronic and experimental, but still soulful, warm and hiphop. His first album in 2006 "1983" was great, then came "Reset" EP in 2007, and then "Los Angeles" in 2008. "Los Angeles" is probably the most accessible album for normal listeners. "Leaf Dancers" was one of my favorites in 2007. And now...after I missed him in Tokyo, he is going to perform in Berlin on Nov.18th in the club called Berghain. The club is very interesting and has one of the most advanced soundsystems.
One should really go! Unfortunately I found out that I am booked for the Verve Club the same evening...I am pretty dissapointed, but what should I say...YOU SHOULD GO THERE! He is going to be one of the greatest beatmakers in the future. Don't miss him...and tell me how it was.

News of 2007-08-01

News of 2008-10-23
Little show with Afrob and Max Herre
I did a little show with Afrob and Max Herre last week in Berlin. I think it was fun.

News of 2007-07-25
NEW ENTRY: Urban Club Charts
"Change" feat. Lupe Fiasco entered the position 21 at the Urban Club Charts in UK!

Thanks for your support!

News of 2008-10-23
Wes Anderson and Johnny Lytle
Ok...what you gotta know about me is, that I threw away my TV 5 years ago. I was wondering at that time if anybody in my family is gonna miss it. Well nobody did.
So since then we don't watch any TV or listen to any Radio. I'm not gonna say TV/Radio is bad or whatever...we are just not interested. I read the onlinepapers for the news, and that's it.
But we love good music and movies. So...all we need is a couple of ipods, laptops, speakers, and a beamer...
And still it's difficult with get the right one...but yesterday I got lucky with Wes Andersons 2007 movie "The Darjeeling Limited". I liked it a lot. And after that, I was listening to Johnny Lytles 1972 album called "People & Love". It was a good evening.

News of 2007-07-25
Dear friends,

the limited new era caps are available now!! Check out our online store / merchandise!

News of 2008-10-22
Hangin' with the Jazzanovas
Yesterday I went to the Verve Club. Paul Kleber and his trio did a great show and Alex and Jürgen from Jazzanova have been behind the decks. we ended up talking about this and that, music...japan...the, I had a good time, thank you Alex, thank you Jürgen. And by the way, as you might already know, they are coming up with a new album this, check it out:

News of 2007-07-23
Chart Entry
"FK10" the new album by Freundeskreis entered the charts: #15!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your amazing support and belief!!!!!

News of 2008-10-22
samon@verve club
for further infos:

News of 2007-07-05
tomorrow in stores!!!
tomorrow: 06.07.2007 in stores!

FK 10 CD + DVD
2 neuen FK Songs exclusively
DVD with 60 min. documentary
28- pages history booklet

Premium- Version:
additional: 15 videoclips

News of 2008-10-22
samon starts blogging... myspace, facebook, lastfm, youtube and BLOGGING. ok. I never really knew what bloggin' was about...I've had this image that some lonely people with a lot of time and not so many physical friends write poems about their not so happy life...etc...but now, after I've been forced to do whatever I can do to promote myself and my music, I did a little research in the blogworld...and you know what...I think a there are a lot of these kind of people out there as I said before, but there are also a lot of good blogs out there. anyway...I start to understand what this is about. allright give it a chance...samon starts blogging NOW! the way, THIS is my first blog ever...

News of 2007-07-06
MTV power rotation
Freundeskreis at MTV on powerotation!

News of 2008-10-02
benji b plays samon
the deviation playlist of 5.9.08

News of 2007-07-04
LTU on-board programme
the videoclip "Change" by Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco will be broadcasted from 07-01-2007 till 09-30-2007!!!!!!

News of 2008-10-01
these are the featured artists on my new album.

News of 2007-07-04
FK, and Motorola will raffle many prices among all entries:

1 x MOTOKRZR (silver) & Bluetooth-Stereo-Headset MOTOROKR S9
15 x Premium FK10 Album CD
4 x 2 Tickets of the FK10 Show at Capitol Offenbach- 09-16-07
10 x New Era Limited Edition FK10 Caps.

Check out and win:

News of 2007-12-21
Merry Christmas
Hello all!

We wish you a wonderful christmas and all the very best for 2008!

Thank you for all your loyal support of our artists and for the many visits
to our homepages.

Goodbye for now, and we're looking forward to being 100% there for you from the 7th of January 2008 onwards!

And because it sounds so nice, we'll say it one more time:


All the best,

Your Nesola Team

News of 2007-06-26
the new album

News of 2007-08-09
Samon at the Freedom Radio
check out the Freedom Radio Homepage:

News of 2007-06-26
Samon is comin
@ Morioka / Tokyo 07-21-07
DJ Bar Dai

tickets available @

News of 2007-08-09
To all Instrumental Hip Hop - Fans!

Samon goes Tokyo!
During the last weeks Samon was on the move very much ACTIVE in Tokyo and some photo he has also brought.

To see: Picture gallery "watch and list"

News of 2007-06-22
Joy is playing two shows in Kassel/ Kulturzelt, Germany on Friday and Saturday.
Check out for further information:

On Sunday, 06-24-07 she will be playing in Eupen (B) - Eupen Music Marathon!
Check out for further information:

News of 2007-07-05
FK 10 in stores!!!
tomorrow: 06.07.2007 in stores!

FK 10 CD + DVD
2 neuen FK Songs exclusively
DVD with 60 min. documentary
28- pages history booklet

Premium- Version:
additional: 15 videoclips

News of 2007-06-22
07-28-2007 @ Jazzcats Releaseparty/ Tokyo supported by Jazzysports

News of 2007-06-12
SWE - Hultsfred Festival
SAMON KAWAMURA & JOY DENALANE live at Hultsfred Festival on friday 06-15-07

Check out for further information and tickets:

News of 2007-06-21
Joy on!!!!

read the review of "Born & Raised" now:

News of 2007-06-07
Just check out & enjoy:

-the artwork of *Ques* - one of the famous streetart artists of Japane!

-Samon Kawamuras second entry in Benji B's playlist of BBC 1 Xtra:

News of 2007-06-21
FK10 videoclip!
value=\"\"> name="allowfullscreen" value="true">src=\"\" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="337" allowfullscreen="true">
href=\" - FK10
Hochgeladen von href=\"\">FourMusic<...

check out for further clips:

News of 2007-05-15
UK review "Translations"
To read the review check out "Watch&Listen" / gallery "International Press"

News of 2007-06-14
Hultsfred Festival
JOY and SAMON KAWAMURA live at Hultsfred Festival on friday 06-15-07

Check out for further information and tickets:

News of 2007-04-17
Checkt out the new myspace-site of Samon Kawamura:

News of 2007-06-26
6-26-07 at ?La Maroquinerie?:

JOY DENALANE for the first time Live with her Band in France!!! Be there and bring your friends!

Check out for further information:

News of 2007-04-11
Marsmobil tour
Samon Kawamura on tour with Marsmobil!

04-10-07: 21h Dumont, Aachen (G)
04-11-07: 21h Stadtgarten, Köln (G)
04-12-07: 21h Rote Sonne, München (G)
04-13-07: 20h Schlachthof, Kassel (G)
04-18-07: 21h Porgy and Bess, Wien (A)
06-02-07: 20h ARGEKultur, Salzburg (A)

News of 2007-06-14
FK 10 Live
value=\"\"> name="allowfullscreen" value="true">src=\"\" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="470" height="367" allowfullscreen="true">
href=\" 10 - LIVE TRAILER
Hochgeladen von href=\"\">FourMusic<...