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sugar hill feat. om'mas from album ''unfold''
get down feat. ta'raach from album ''unfold''
all about you from album ''translations''
black star from album ''translations''

Japanese-German Hip-Hop producer Samon Kawamura is back with his SPUR OF THE MOMENT series; a collection of impromptu beats, whose essence lies in their spontaneity. In this series, Kawamura acts on impulse; sourcing ideas from a broad variety of genres, he captures fleeting flashes of inspiration and translates these moments into music - "Spur of the Moment" is the result.

THAIMA is the first instalment of the series; 25 tracks inspired by vintage sounds from Thailand. Simply put, Kawamura has taken classics sounds from Bangkok's street kitchens and infused them with his own Hip-Hop flavours. And there are more instalments to come, each one with a completely different theme.

Staying true to his roots, Samon's sound for all of SPUR OF THE MOMENT sets is organic, honest and as analogue is humanly possible in the digital age. Atmospheric and relaxed, the absence of vocals on this instrumental collection harks back to Samon's first album "Translations" (2007), where the tracks appealed to the listeners creative side und let their imaginations unfold. Indeed, Samon describes Hip Hop as a genre "that opens pathways to so many other types of music".in many ways, it opens doors to other creative pastures". The aptly named follow-up album "Unfold" (2008) progressed to feature vocal artists, ranging from OH NO, Aloe Blacc, Om'Mas, Keith (SA-RA Creative Partners), Laura López Castro, Ta'Raach & Kev Brown.

Other notable achievements in Kawamura's repertoire include the production of Till Brönner's award winning album "Blue Eyed Soul" as well as Nylon's album "10 Lieder über Liebe" and "Ein Geschenkter Tag" by German Rap-legend Max Herre. As part of the producer trio KAHEDI he is responsible "Maureen" by soul artist Joy Denalane, as well as several tracks for Y'Akoto (Warner), the hit single "Zurück Zu Wir" by Samy Deluxe and a remix ("Automatic") for legendary band BEATSTAKES.

Kawamura's followers will not be disappointed by THAIMA's distinctive and genuine sound, which will prove a valuable addition to any Hip Hop enthusiast's collection, as will the numerous SPUR OF THE MOMENT beat samplers set to follow in 2012